Devise Interactive Helps a Startup Make A Splash!

Devise Interactive Helps a Startup Make A Splash!

Being a nimble digital marketing agency, we have the perk of working with clients of all sizes. The startup entrepreneur with big ambitions is our personal favorite. Call it cliche, but as Devisers, the ultimate reward is providing businesses with ‘that’ chance to reimagine and reinvent their digital world.


Deez Boards fit the aforementioned “best client” description, so we knew instantly we had to partner with them! In addition to some branding consulting, they needed an E-commerce website built on a Shopify platform. We were quick to create their desired website with various fonts, colors, and imagery based on the developed brand. Best of all, we were able to guide the founder on effective marketing and business strategies.


Moving forward, we will use organic social media marketing to establish Deez Boards’ online footprint in the social media sphere. We will do this by creating native content built for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Once we have grown customer following, paid advertisements will be used as a vehicle to drive traffic to the online store. Growing social clout and building brand awareness will be Deez Boards’ keys for long-term success.


This project was-and will continue to be-an internal team win because it mirrors Devise’s principle of helping clients from A to Z-onset to post-launch. We’re excited to see Deez Boards break through the marketplace!



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