Ampex 15 Day Fitness: Personal Trainer On-The-Go

Ampex 15 Day Fitness: Personal Trainer On-The-Go

We’ve all been there before: using mobile fitness apps to meticulously count our calories and record our latest gains. But how many can say they’ve been behind the user experience of these apps…fully designing and developing a killer platform to give users optimal fitness results?


Lucky for us, we can!


We had the pleasure of partnering with Ampex 15 Day Fitness to jumpstart the young company’s place in the fitness world. Unlike most other programs, the Ampex 15 Day Fitness program promises results in as little as 15 days! How? It’s simple. In addition to following an exercise regimen, users are reminded to take Ampex energy-boosting supplements throughout the designated time.


So what did we do exactly?


We knew right away that in order for Ampex to stand out in such a highly-saturated marketplace, we needed to create a solid brand logo and identity. Our design team researched competitors in the field and used their findings to create the brand’s emblem. Thereafter, the wireframing process was structured to create a prime user experience. Our development team coded the app to be compatible on both Android and iOS, adding push notifications to keep users fully engaged. Additionally, Shopify was utilized to streamline the check-out process.


Our team is amped about building–and using–an app that serves its purpose as a personal trainer on-the-go.


Be on the look-out for a potential Apple watch version coming soon!

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