Introducing Asif Huda

Introducing Asif Huda

Account Director


Get the inside scoop on our newest Deviser in the exclusive interview below!


We are so excited to have Asif join us! Here’s why.

Asif’s extensive background in marketing and experience as an Account Director will be vital to Devise’s growth. He possesses not only the leadership skills to help fine-tune internal processes, but also the nimbleness necessary at an up-and-coming agency! We were instantly drawn to Asif’s hustle and business-savvy mind; we knew without a moment of doubt that he was a Deviser and welcomed him into the family right away!


Asif, can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

I’d love to! I was born on a cold, windy night in Chicago circa 1982. Regan was president, the Lakers won another championship, and Nike unveiled the Original Air Force 1 shoe… in short, it was a glorious year.


Today, as I look back at my 34 years, I’ve learned and experienced a lot–from managing the finances of celebrities, selling real-estate overseas, to more recently experiencing my first successful exit. But the most exciting times include spending time with my nieces, nephews, and family.


Why Devise Interactive?

One word… potential. I see the quality of work, quality of personnel, leaders, and it has nowhere to go but up, and I feel as though my experience will help guide them to the promise land.


What do you hope to gain from working at Devise Interactive?

Group success. I want everyone at the Devise team to experience the success and feeling of achievement within each client engagement and each moment.


What contributions do you hope to bring to Devise Interactive?

Experience. Having been a part of a successful agency exit, I’ve made mistakes and learned from them over the past 9 years. I hope to bring those learnings to Devise to help avoid and alleviate business and production challenges.


What would be a huge “success” to you?

A huge success to me would be making Devise an agency every client can’t live without!


Favorite part of your role?

The constant networking and meeting of various people from various backgrounds.


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