Creative Deviser Top 5 Needs

Creative Deviser Top 5 Needs

What are the secret ingredients to being a successful creative Deviser?  


Pens, Sharpies, and Lots of Notepads

Our designers are always on the go – teaming up with our developers, asking questions, or hopping in and out of client meetings. To get the job done, we need the right tools. We go through notepads like hotcakes, and we all know that pens like to run away. At our office, we like to keep a steady supply of pens, sharpies, and notepads. Otherwise, our designers get cranky.


A GIANT Printer

Meet the Holy Grail: our printer. When we present to our clients, the bigger the paper – the better. By working on such a large format, our designers can show our clients the full potential of our work and send them off with the promise of an awesome product that they can feel confident about.


A Comfortable Atmosphere

We have the perfect atmosphere to get inspired and create some incredible stuff. We keep some solid basics on hand: snacks, books, toys and other pieces of flair.  Randy, our creative director, is subscribed to 5 subscription based boxes that make him happy; 1up Box, Acade Box,  Loot Crate, Nerd Block, and LOOTCRATE DX. With every new box, Randy has something new to add to the creative room and another toy to add to his vast collection. Chay Land, our art director,  likes to bring in different types of mugs and teas to keep the creative juices flowing. Personal effects at work are a must. We want to make Devise our second home.

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Personal Ambition

Our designers really love what they do. Even outside of work, they are inspired and motivated to consistently better their craft. On the weekends, both Randy and Chay are cranking out new designs and concepts for their personal Instagram accounts. Design isn’t just work for them, it’s their hobby. Doing their own projects helps them become faster problem-solvers by experimenting with new things. Now, designing is second nature to them.

Leadership Skills

At Devise, we help grow leaders.  Each member of our team can take the lead on a project, communicate what is needed, and drive it home. We are all self-managing; we keep track of our own schedules, which allows us to help each other out whenever we can. We all wear so many hats. Sometimes, we’ll have a designer writing a proposal or a developer jumping on the phone with a client. We are flexible and agile. It has made each of us more knowledgeable in running a business. Leading one another and fine-tuning our craft is what makes us great Devisers.

Graphic Designer

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