Devise Joins the Potty

Devise Joins the Potty

It’s a stink-free guarantee promise. A must-have product for every household. Poo~pourri before-you-go toilet spray allows you to spritz and then poo without the fear of leaving behind the unbearable stench (we know-we thought it was too good to be true, too).


Poo~Pourri is extremely sensitive to branding, so we knew right away that we’d be a perfect fit for each other. The company needed a series of email templates and integration into their eCommerce site using the Retention Science platform. This would serve to better communicate with potential clients in their network and those interacting with their shopping cart. It would also provide the ability for advanced insights and personalized drip campaigns.


Leaning on our creative and development capabilities, we had a great time working with this quirky brand! We did what we do best and made magic happen, not only improving their automatic communication system, but also increasing sales in 2017 by 70%!


We’re excited to join Poo~Pourri in their future marketing potties. Stay tuned to hear about our upcoming projects with the company.



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