Devising an Unforgettable Landing!

Devising an Unforgettable Landing!

CorVel Corporation is a top national provider of risk management that works with big companies (like The Walt Disney Company!) to promote cost-effective spending and early intervention programs.


Some of our proudest work lives on their landing page. Our creative team designed the page by using a storytelling approach. As the viewer scrolls down the page, the paper graphics follow along, taking different directions depending on the user’s course of action. The vault at the bottom of the page is programmed to unlock, displaying considerable savings.


The interactive site allows users to play around with the cool animations!

Check out the design display of average savings!

To make this happen, the visual aids were exported into SVG files, which developers then derived codes from. These codes were inputted into the web page to manipulate the flow and positioning of images. The result? Some pretty awesome animation. You can check out our work here: http://corvel.devis.in/


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