EnterTalk Radio: Moves Like Jaggi

EnterTalk Radio: Moves Like Jaggi

The best part of being a Deviser? Expressing passion in everything we do; it is through our work and language that we inspire ourselves–and others!–to always do bigger and better.


The Devise Interactive founder, Dalip Jaggi, sought the opportunity to speak about his young drive and enthusiasm on EnterTalk Radio with talk show host Scott Robertson, CEO of RobertsonComm with over 25 years of public relations and marketing communications experience.


Dalip talks about his adventures of running a top-tiered brand and digital agency and the key component that drives results: a philosophy of producing work that harmonizes design, technology, and branding strategy.


Dalip Jaggi, founder of Devise Interactive.

Scott Robertson, founder of Robertsoncomm with over 27 years of marketing experience.

Scott and Dalip also discuss recent marketing trends, including the recent news of Denny’s new mascot and Hot Wheels’ advertising strategies, as well as the latest issues with Equifax. Dalip further provides five valuable tips for brands and entrepreneurs to consider when attempting to push the envelope.


Interested in staying up-to-date in the ever-changing millennial-driven era?


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