Fraxtion Launch

Fraxtion Launch



There’s always something brewing at the Devise Labs! After 8 months of intense planning and preparation, we proudly launched our latest creation: FRAXTION, an interactive kiosk specifically tailored to help businesses better engage their customers and maximize on sales.


Fraxtion allows customers to explore businesses’ social media networks using the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed module. Businesses can also use Fraxion as the promotional check-in module to increase social presence, boost profits, and encourage customers to be proud patrons.


On November 10th, we were proud to debut Fraxtion at the Small Business Expo in Los Angeles, CA. Over 5,000 small business owners were in attendance, and we were pumped to join them! Our team designed an epic booth to showcase the stellar product. Visitors were able to experience the hype firsthand, all while getting to know the genius minds behind it all–The Devise Interactive Team! We were fortunate to receive a tremendous amount of feedback from everyone who stopped by, and we even scored some customers.


Most importantly, we are so proud of all the hard work we have put in to launching Fraxtion. From the marketing–to the innovation–to creating the interactive tradeshow, each of us played a vital role in the execution.


Fraxtion serves as an experiment for our team to delve into what it takes to design a product, develop it, and drive it to success. We cannot wait for Fraxtion to hit stores everywhere!


It’s safe to say that here at Devise Labs, we pride ourselves on bridging creativity and innovation to build new products that will make your life, well, only that much better.


You can read more about the Fraxtion at: www.fraxtion.com
Don’t forget to glance at our Lab page on our website and take a look at all the awesome things our team is involved with. https://www.deviseinteractive.com/thelab


Smiling with our work of art!

Thoroughly answering the questions of our valued visitors!

How is your brand’s Digital Experience?

In this digital world, it is more necessary than ever to provide a digital experience online where your customers connect with your brand. It should feel natural – the same emotion your brand gives off should remain intact. All experiences, mobile or desktop, should be fluid and not a single pixel misaligned. Ask yourself, does your website provide the same experience and hold up to the same standards as your other marketing pieces?


How are you telling your Story?

Users don’t like to read blocks upon blocks of text. Do you? Review your website and ask yourself: what major pieces of content is your audience missing out on? Videos can tell a quick story and utilize sound and direct emotions. As we all know, photography can be worth thousands of words. An average website will simply have paragraph after paragraph or list after list. That sort of experience is not engaging to your user. Stand out of the crowd by providing varying and interesting content for your user to enjoy.


How can we help your brand?

Our creative approach is to breathe life into your brand. We do this by utilizing highly engaged imagery, infographics, interactive tools. Your content will tell your story. Our experts make sure that we remain completely digestible and easy to understand for your users. Our approach drives results and leads to stronger conversion rates because we ensure important pieces of information are relevant and available to your user.


Well what about Devise?

We pride ourselves on the way we work with our partner to achieve their goals. Frankly, your goals are our goals. Everything we produce incorporates a thick layer of branding give you the right tools to grow your business to new heights.


How do we explore new opportunities?

Well, you’ve got nothing to lose! Let’s see if there is an opportunity for our team to enhance your brand’s online perception. We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch, and let’s explore whether we’re a good fit for your goals.

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