Keep Birth Control Copay Free

Keep Birth Control Copay Free

Arguably one of the most shocking United States elections in political history took place in November 2016 after President Donald Trump claimed his title as the 45th President of the United States. While the news shook supports and skeptics alike, women in particular found themselves apprehensive about their future reproductive freedom.


Keep Birth Control Copay Free is a site that addresses the need to rise above President Trump’s revision of the birth control coverage mandate and maintain free birth control copay. Our engineers worked closely with Praytell Agency, a Brooklyn-based creative communications agency, to create a website with an effective and powerful message.


They created an “invoice” calculator which lists the estimated cost of birth control copays in each state. Viewers are able to study these astronomical numbers and thereafter email their respective results to various leaders in government–including President Donald Trump.


Our Devisers continue to utilize their tech-savvy skills and youthful energy to reach young audiences, tell stories, and make generational impacts. Who would have thought that some serious devising, web development, and a nifty calculator feature can reach White House officials? Now that’s a story to be told.


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