Let’s Win Us a Timmy!

Let’s Win Us a Timmy!

We don’t mean to brag…buuut Tech in Motion, one of North America’s largest tech event series that celebrates outstanding tech companies across eleven cities, has listed us as final candidates in the 2017 Orange County Timmy Awards!


With over 200 tech company entries, our team has proven to be amongst the best, earning two spots in two categories: “Best Tech Manager” in recognition of our incredible Full-Stack Developer, Sohrob Raja, and “Best Tech Workplace for Diversity” for our empowering work environment.


Sohrob in the zone!

The wacky ass team.

We couldn’t be MORE proud of our Sohrob; he has grown tremendously in the past few years being with us. It’s awesome to see him climb up the ladder!


What makes this all the more impressive? Devise Interactive has only been around for 3.5 years; in seemingly no time at all, we have been recognized for our consummate skill and exceptional quality of work.


This is a huge compliment that parallels what we live for at Devise Interactive. The culture we foster is something we put at the forefront in everything we do. This journey of building an innovative and creative agency in Orange County has been a challenging one, and it is special moments like these that help validate our mission. We are excited, you are excited, even our mothers are excited… fingers crossed to be the winners in both categories!


Some past winners include Capital One, Sales Force, Venmo, Hotel Tonight, Audible, and many others! Makes sense for Devise Interactive to be in line with the best, right?


Winners will be announced on Thursday, September 21st at UCI Applied Innovation. Regardless of the final verdict, we are extremely honored and excited to continue to shine in what we do best! Full steam ahead! #DeviseOn

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