The All-New Devise Headquarters

The All-New Devise Headquarters

Warning: Blog content may elicit feelings of extreme workplace envy and/or the need for a serious office revamp.


Step inside the Devise Headquarters and know exactly why many would refer to it as a dream workplace. Every detail of the space–from the blinds to the paint color–sparks genius ideas, spurs inspiration, and induces creativity. Prior to moving in, the office was a sterile sea of cubicles, all identical in size and monotony. Devisers knocked down the walls and reimagined the then empty area, creating an imagination-stimulating interior. Lucky for you curious minds, we’ve decided to include images below. Check out our unconventional work space for yourself!


Conference Room

Prospective clients meet with us here to discuss their goals and how we can best assist them.




Waiting on a Deviser? Take a seat in our lobby area and help yourself to a beer at the open bar! Our glass display showcases the many trophies we’ve proudly earned over the short course of 3.5 years.


The Bullpen

The Bullpen is where we work work work. Each of our departments–creative, engineering, and marketing–have their own designated work stations. In this way, a project’s status can be seen in accordance to which department it is currently in. Although separate, the open space between the workstations allows for the harmonization of collective work efforts. The foosball table is vital to keep us competitive and energized.

Creative Room

Decked out with artwork, character figures, and project inspiration, the creative room is where our designers ignite their passion and bring their colorful ideas to life.


Engineering Department

Located adjacent to the back wall, the engineering station is where our developers speak in tech. All designs are sent here to integrate into an array of devices.


Marketing Department

Located at the entrance of the bullpen, you will find our marketers finding new ways to promote our clients’ businesses and drive home sales.


The Photo Studio

Our very own on-site photo studio is geared with the best in-house cameras and lighting, backdrops, and props to take photo shoots at any given time. Our clients’ products are photographed here, and the Devise team pops in from time-to-time for some camera fun.


Collaboration Room

Completely custom-built, our collaboration room is where all the magic happens. The team meets here for bi-weekly “campfires” to discuss short and long-term company goals, clients’ needs, and inspirational findings. Kick-off and collaboration sessions with clients are also held here. The bold burst of orange paint and bright, red furniture are a nice contrast to the black and white theme and keep Devisers pumped for high-energy meetings. The floor-to-ceiling push-pin wall bordering the 14-foot strategy whiteboard allows departments to see their work evolve and showcase their very best.


Private Collaboration Room

Devise hospitality is extremely important to us, and we take pride in treating our clients like family. The private collaboration 50s diner is a nontraditional conference room designed to make our internal clients feel light, upbeat, and right at home.


We are excited to have grown into an office space that caters to our process and philosophy of work. Swing by anytime, have some coffee or maybe some candy, and experience the Devise hospitality firsthand. We would love to host you!

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