Rich Uncles x Devise Interactive

Rich Uncles x Devise Interactive

The Million Dollar Effect


It’s a simple concept that took the internet–and the business world–by surprise: “Real Estate Investing for Everyone.” Founded by Uncle Ray Wirta, Rich Uncles is an online platform for investors to buy shares in a real estate investment trust. Here’s how it works: Rich Uncles purchases a series of commercial properties and rents out the spaces to big companies. The collected rent money is distributed to shareholders as dividend income. In just a few steps, anyone can invest for as little as $500. Investors are not only able to take advantage of the dividend interest but also participate in tax savings and real-estate appreciation!


While the company is now one of the major players in the FinTech space, their website didn’t always reflect their tremendous success. They first came to us two years ago with an outdated site. Their goal was to change the perception of online investing. Mentioning the term “investment” online provides a marketing challenge. Their brand identity was far from where it needed to be. As a result, those visiting the site subliminally questioned the company’s legitimacy. What’s more, prospective investors were instructed to fill out an extensive form of information. This made the procedure all the more tedious and extremely difficult to convert investors immediately.


We knew right away, therefore, that developing a quick, user-friendly investment process was a high priority. Our creative team identified the company’s business goals, mapped user-personas, and created a friendly user experience. We also introduced high-end imagery, strategic content hierarchy, and copywriting to better tell their story. Our development team geeked out on the operation end, integrating Plaid & Fund America for an investor to link his or her bank account to Rich Uncles. And in just a matter of minutes–and without any human interaction–an ACH investment can be made on the spot. This allows for ultimate efficiency, instant user gratification, and the saving of a tremendous amount of human labor and administrative hours. 


Our engineering team implemented Salesforce, DocuSign, FundAmerica, and Plaid to provide a 360 degree tech solution. When a potential investor initiates an investment but doesn’t go through the entire process, a Rich Uncles team member is notified about the exact time of incompletion and reaches out right away. Our team assisted with these workflows and provided the Rich Uncles sales team with the data needed to help educate investors on the offering.


Designing and developing the Rich Uncles site was a particularly rewarding project for us. We were able to witness our work take flight right away. In only a few months time, Rich Uncles went from doing $200,000/year in investments to a whopping $150 million! Moreover, the project illustrates the power of design–not only from an aesthetic standpoint, but from a psychological one, as well. Take that for an agency win!

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