Spreading the Shots

Spreading the Shots

Devise Interactive has officially been selected as the agency on record for Dollar Shots Club. Our team is very excited to take their product to new markets.

Right when we got started, our friends sent us a few boxes of the product to try out. As you can tell, the energy-inducing effects really kicked in, and our team started doing weird things with the bottles. Do not try this at home!

Dalip with Dollar Shots Club
We really never know what he is doing..
Kevin with Dollar Shots Club
Engineers getting loose!
Dollar Shots Club at Devise Interactive
mmm… orange & mango?! SO much flavor. (:
Justin with Dollar Shots Club
Is Justin seducing us here?
Dollar Shots Club with Friends

We will get back to work and start strategizing their marketing plans. While we are doing that, enjoy this clip of Sohrob juggling the Dollar Shot Bottles. Enjoy!

Sohrob Dollar shots Club Juggling

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